Cime-X ​​​​​​l.l.c.

Clintonville local business.
Integrated Pest Management

Includes habitat modification, food source & moisture removal, traps, heat, physical removal, repairs, and organic & chemical treatment.  

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  1. Inspector
    I can help you find Insects and the source of issues (Like this leaking window sill). The wood under the window was rotten and excavated by ants.
  2. Exterminator
    Once located and identified. I will use multiple methods to remove pests. Here the damaged wood was removed, insecticide applied, water leak fixed, and nest removed.
  3. Repairs and ongoing control
    Repairs and ongoing control
    Often minor home repairs are required after pest eradication. Here I replaced the wood below the window, sealed it, and replaced the siding. Inside, I replaced the drywall.

Cime-X: ​​​​​​​Exterminator, Inspector, Handyman

  • comprehensive pest management plan.
  • infestation service calls.
  • routine pest maintenance
  • only licensed applicators
  • consultations
  • home repairs to reduce pest problems
  • always honest and caring
  • fully insured
Licensed Pesticides Applicator
Department of Agrigulture areas:

  • Core: Commercial (Safety and general knowlege),
  • 10a: General Pesticides (Household Pests - ants, roaches, bed bugs, rodents etc) 
  • 10b: Termite Control (and other Wood Destroynig Insects) 
  • 10d: Mosquito, Housefly and other vector control
  • ​8: Turf Pests (Grubs, Weborms, Armyworms, more)

  • thorough
  • professional, polite
  • insured for omissions and errors
  • affordable
  • real estate or private inspections

Licensed Wood Destroying Insect Inspector

Lisenced through the Ohio Department of Agriculture in Category 12 Wood Destroying Insect Inspection.  Completed training and testing required for Ohio Real Estate transaction.

Experienced handy-man,

30 years of performing general household repairs

Peace of Mind.

I want to help prep your home, ease your worries, ​keep your bugs private, and prevent pests from returning.